Our Tips for a Sustainable Breakfast

At Milk & More, we are passionate about encouraging people to eat well and live sustainably. And that includes at breakfast time!

Not everyone can live a zero-waste lifestyle but have you stopped to think about how sustainable your breakfast food is? We are here to help you think about your choices and how you can make small, manageable changes to your everyday habits that will have a positive impact on the environment, and ultimately, you!

Here are some of our top tips of making your breakfast that little bit more sustainable:


  • Eat local and seasonal produce where possible. This is better for the environment as it reduces storage, transport and refrigeration needs. Whether you are looking for cereal and yoghurt, or eggs and bacon, there are plenty of local British suppliers to provide you with a delicious breakfast
  • Think about your food packaging. If you are looking to cut down on your plastic use then think about getting your milk, milk alternatives, juices and household cleaning products in glass bottles. Our Milk & More glass bottles are reused on average 28 times!
  • Plan your week. Create a shopping list of items you’ll need & use for the week ahead. Most food wastage comes from buying things we don’t need. And if you do find you have surplus food…
  • Cut your food waste by using your leftovers! Try leftover fruit in a smoothie or leftover vegetables in a delicious breakfast hash.